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Seven Steps to Increasing Your Value in the Eyes of Others

Now I’m not saying this is a guaranteed way to make people treat you like some elite, high class person – but implementing these strategies will do wonders in improving how you, as well as others see you.

1. Learn more skills with a high return on investment (ROI).

High ROI skills are the 20% of work that will bring you 80% of the the results, even though you should spend way more than 20% of your working time doing such.

Now high ROI skills can be tricky to pinpoint exactly.

For example, my current fields of work are dropshipping, copywriting and local business lead generation (as well as another business I’m setting up).

High ROI work for me is:

-Cold outreach.

-Market Research.

-Creating and analyzing advertising.

-Conducting client meetings.

It’s not always easy to understand exactly what it is that’s High ROI work depending on your field, but I’d say it’s something that’s guaranteed to either:

– bring you results (I.E. Cold Outreach)

– give you knowledge that will make your work better (I.E. Market Research)

2. Be a positive, good-natured, eager to help person.

By this I don’t mean turn yourself into a doormat just to get people to like you.

Nor do I mean going out of your way every time you see someone in distress.

Things like not going around being an unnecessary asshole.

– Being there for people who have never done you wrong.

– Offering a helping hand if you can help someone an it takes nothing away from you or doesn’t make you go out of your way.

– Not reacting to situations based on impulse as you never know what another person is going through

Notice the common theme here is “being good to people who are good to you, or at least haven’t treated you bad”.

I don’t believe in “Treat others how you want to be treated,” I’m more of a “Treat people who they deserve to be treated” type of guy.

Be cool w/ me & I’ll be cool.

There is generally nothing you will get from people but general disdain and them steering clear from you when you go around acting like the world hates you.

Being a positive person who doesn’t take everything to heart & is generally kind to people can get you the world though.

3. Give more than you ask for.

This one should be a no brainer. No one likes a leech.

Even if you aren’t in the position to give – make sure you ask for less.

Yes we all get down and are in positions where we need help, this isn’t something to feel lesser than others for.

But when you are the type of person who goes around getting everything you can from every person, place & thing you can without ever really offering anything in return or giving anything back…. you become a parasite.

You know what people do with parasites?

They get rid of them.

4. Focus more on what you can do than what you are.

Basically – don’t base your identity on things you didn’t have a choice in.

Race, gender, sexual orientation – these are all fine things to be proud of… I guess.

But in reality, they’re usually things no one cares about.

Focus more on what value you can provide to others and less on shouting to the world that you are who you are you are.

Focus more on proving rather than saying.

On doing rather than showing.

Concentrate on skills/talents & not some box you check on a job application.

5. Exude confidence and a sense of self-value/self-worth.

This one is kinda self-explanatory as well.

People like to be around others that are confident (not cocky and arrogant, there’s a difference).

No one wants to be around a weak-willed, weak-minded wimp of a human.

People will feel comfortable placing and assigning value to you when you show them that you hold yourself to the same regard.

No one wastes time believing in some sulking loser who doesnt even believe in themselves.

Show people how highly you think of you and they’ll do the same.

6. Educate yourself & don’t be too argumentative – especially on issues you aren’t an expert in.

This goes back to being cocky and arrogant.

No one likes some blowhard who is so stubborn that they’d rather win an argument and lose a friend than the other way around.

Not good.

No one is right 100% of the time.

Instead of going into every interaction trying to be the (Wo)Man, the smartest and most elite and highest class person in the room…. just be a human.

Humans are wrong, humans make mistakes, humans make errors in judgement, it’s common.

Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you decide to challenge someone else’s knowledge.

If they are steadfast in their beliefs and try to turn it into an argument, quickly avoid it.

There’s no use arguing with people about their beliefs – they hold them too dear.

Some can handle being wrong, some people think they never are.

Learn to approach situations with an air of understanding and trying to help people understand instead of “matter-of-factly”.

What’s the point of being the smartest person in the room if no one wants to talk to you?

7. Network (A step I admittedly still have YUGE trouble with, although it’s moreso because i’m weird).

If you can help someone and you don’t have to go out of your means, why not do so?

You never know what you can get in return, and even if it’s nothing – is it hurting you?

Being selfish is an important quality to have – SOMETIMES.

Most of the time doing things that are purely in your own best interest will benefit your life better than any other route…

At the same time, those who only do for self soon find themselves only able to call on self.

and NOBODY can do everything by themselves.

I don’t care who you are, what you do or what viewpoint on life you have – it’s just not possible.

If somehow you are close to some sort of way of living life like this just know it isn’t sustainable.

One day you will need help.

Others will find you valuable when you learn how to create valuable connections – which the other 6 steps will help you do.

If you don’t know how to interact with others, the way you are viewed will always be based on Perception, instead of Portrayal.

And this is dangerous.

Above all, increasing your Percieved Value started with increasing your Personal Value.

The way people see you is based off one of two things:

-The way you act (Portayal).

-The way people see you (Perception).

You can be an effigy of value – both internally and externally.


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