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Simple Saving 101 – Saving Money on Eating Out

Figure out how much you spend on take out/eating out in a week. Multiply x4.
Take this number & do 1 of 2 things, either:

  1. Take the cash equivalent of the number you got, lay it out on a table in front of you. Take a picture.
  2. Calculate it via your debit/credit card spendings and write that number down on a piece of paper.

Compare the number you get to two things:

  • A calculation of how much you would have to spend at the supermarket to eat the same things you eat at the store homecooked, and how much you save by home cooking.
  • How much you pay for rent (or a car payment, or any big recurring payment you find more value in then fast food) compared to your monthly take-out/fast food spendings.

Now, take money out of either pile & keep in mind that number you just calculated. Go to the store and buy groceries for a week.

Every time you go to cook for the next week, pull up and constantly look at the pictures (or papers/notes you wrote them down on) comparing how much you’re saving by cooking your own food.

Post it on your fridge, make it your phone lockscreen, whatever you wanna do to make it clear in your head how much you’re wasting on food that could have flies & hairs & whatever else you don’t want to think of in it.

The number will soon be stuck with you in your head, and if its a significant number it will give you that familiar hit of dopamine every time you’re able to save your money successfully.

I don’t say to cut out eating out entirely but if you have a big problem with doing it excessively, this is a good way to mentally condition yourself to get out of the habit.

Wouldn’t you rather save a couple hundred dollars (maybe more) a month, AND be able to be completely sure of the quality control of your food, AND in the process learn a new skill?

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P.S. – If you want to download this as a PDF that you can save on your own device or even print out and hang up somewhere, I’ve made it available for download below: 


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