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Money Obviously Buys Happiness

You’ll find a lot of negative quotes and connotations about money on the internet, and from people in society in general these days.



and my personal (least) favorite:

“CAPITALISM IS EVIL!!!!!! WAHHH!!!! MONEY BAD *angry emoji face*”

These are usually said by people who usually don’t have a lot coming in besides their bi-weekly paycheck that just barely covers their living expenses and groceries.

You have your handful of celebrities and public figures doing this too but virtue signaling doesn’t count.

If this sounds demeaning to you – well, that means you probably know you have a financial issue somewhere that you need to address.

You cannot survive in this world without money, no matter where you are.

Money is the minimum requirement to acquire basic needs to survive, and whether you want to be rich or not is your decision (although, why wouldn’t you?) you need to get rid of all of your negative feelings about money.

Listen to this.

Learn this.

Money is not evil, however

Money does not buy you happiness.

Money is an object, it is not good or evil – the people who use it choose to either make good or bad decisions with it.

What Money is, is an enabler – it enables you to successfully live a comfortable, secure and happy life, where you don’t have to worry about things like eviction or paying rent, getting food to eat, or doing menial unfulfilling tasks just to make ends meet.

This is done in the form of having several different streams of income, which I will be posting more on later.

The knowledge of how to make and maintain several consistent sources of income will enable you to securely live the life you dream of,

Who are you that you’re so above the idea of working hard and putting in the effort now, so that later on in your life you can live comfortably and retire without having to work until you’re 60 living off social security?

Who are you to not want to put in the work now in life to secure now, and later so that when you grow old you can focus on doing what you love instead of spending 40+ hours a week breaking your back just to put food on the table?

If you’re one of those people telling the world about how evil money is, you’ve obviously never seen the happiness and joy it brings people that aren’t used to having it.


Think about the mindset that you have about money right now.

You see on TV and movies the corrupt things money can buy, the violence, the crime, the whole 9.

You see the men in the $5000 suits and the $250K cars and you envy them because you feel like they have done something you’d need to live a whole 3-4 lifetimes to achieve…

But you don’t see the work they had to put in behind the scenes to get there.

It’s easy to envy the results but fear the journey to get there, these are the ones who will never see their dreams come true.

“They must have had a rich dad or a rich friend to get them that job, they got lucky, they don’t deserve it blah blah wah wah entitlement.”

No, they took their skills and talents and found out a way to convey to people certain types of moods, feelings and emotions – the same types that entice people to buy.

They figured out what exactly these were, and took advantage of it.

Now…. is this unethical? Maybe if you’re straight-up lying and selling things that don’t work, but

If the features that you are are there are all there, and people reap the benefits you promised them they would then you’ve done a good thing actually – you’ve changed someone’s life for the better.

Doesn’t that sound great?

They put in the work, they took the time and the effort to ascend the brutal climb to success, they carved their pathway to success – and you’re upset with them because you didn’t have the resolve and fortitude to do the same?


Take everything in your life right now and refocus it:

– figure out your strengths and talents.
– eliminate or strengthen your weaknesses
– map out a plan that has been proven to lead to success for those who have done it before you….


then go fucking do it.

Remember to develop more than one source of income, as you will always find yourself having a financial cushion if you do so – but more importantly, you will very likely never become rich without it.

Once you have multiple streams of income coming in, and you stop relying on every week’s paycheck to come in to cover all of last week’s expenses – you will be happier. I guarantee.

Once you start going out and being able to spend money on things you couldn’t before – and knowing you’re earning it back before the day is over, you’ll be happier.

Once you start upgrading your lifestyle, your living conditions, your day to day experiences and your social circle – you will be much, much happier.

Once you’re able to have more money to spend to take care of your family, to go on trips and vacations and have amazing experiences with them, to improve yourself and do the things you always wanted to do, go to he places you always saw on the Travel Channel you thought you would never be able to visit.

You will be happier.

It’s that simple.

People become poor because they do too much planning and not enough doing.

Don’t be one of those stumps that sits around all day and thinks that the world owes them something, or they’re entitled to something.

Remember: Broke may be a product of your upbringing, your past and your environment….

But staying that way is a choice.

Being poor of mind, having a poor mindset – all a choice.

So, do you choose happiness and success, the hard work and the grit and grind that you never see to get to the glamor you usually do?

Or do you choose to sit around, doing menial tasks for next week’s check and spending the entire time wishing you could get paid more for mediocre grunt work – instead of learning skills that you can create income from, or using your own talents/skills to do so.


Make the choice to enrich your mind, and soon enough you will enrich your wallet.

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