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Making Money Working vs Making Money Hustling

ways to make more money at your job:

1. work hard (or suck up to your bosses) and/or hope & pray you get a raise/promotion.
2. steal/embezzle money.
3. hope you can get some of that highly coveted overtime.
4. Get a better job.

ways to make more outside of your job:

– tutoring children in your neighborhood
– reselling things from discount stores like ross or marshall’s
– becoming a personal trainer/dietician (be sure you know what you’re doing)
– creating/selling handmade jewelry or art
– writing a book or novel and publishing it online
– creating a youtube centered around things like horror story narration or tv/movie/anime analysis
– copywriting/lead generation for local businesses
– fixing electronics and doing tech support for people in your neighborhood/city
– create a product & build a brand behind it
– become skilled at an art medium & sell what you create from it (drawing, photography, etc)

now lets get into specifics:
– use your photography and photoshop skills to take pictures of local flowers, environments and scenery – sell them as prints in your city.
– dropshipping
– doing copywriting/lead generation for local businesses
– creating a subscription box service based around something people use a lot than runs out quickly (like cleanliness essentials for people who travel alot)
– affiliate marketing/creating niche SEO sites
– if you travel a lot, take notes of the unique features of each destination and create jewelry or something of the sort that touches on the unique aspect of each hotspot
– post craigslist ads about doing tech support & electronic set up for your local area (be careful tho)
– coding a choose-your-own adventure game (i’m doing this one myself actually)
– learning pen-testing and cybersecurity, or teaching classes/courses on cybersecurity and protecting your accounts-
teach others how to fix their income & get their life on track

I’ll probably be updating this thread when I think of more specifics but the fact of the matter is, there are endless ways you can earn money outside of your job – but there aren’t too many you can get more purely by working.

Either you put in the work on the side, or shut up & be happy with what you have because you don’t feel you should spend your free time creating a Free Life.

Not everybody can be bosses.



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